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  • The MetaModern - Vermin Supreme for 2016: Feel the "Verm" of Political Metamodernism

    Vermin Supreme is the man, the myth and the legend whose reputation precedes him. He carries the flag of a cynical society that’s reached its final stage of total complacency, if not utter desperation. Perhaps Mr. Supreme will know how to affect some positive gains through his own skill-sets, as he emulates and calls to task our own theatricised version of American politics through his example.

    Ronald Newlander

  • Vice - There's Finally a Documentary About Perpetual Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme

    Any reporter or activist who has spent much time around electoral politics have likely run across Supreme at one point or another. Others might have seen a video of him glitter bombing pro-life extremist Randall Terry at a 2011 "lesser-known candidates forum" in New Hampshire. Supreme describes himself as a "friendly fascist." His platform includes compulsory tooth-brushing and giving every American a pony. A benevolent tyrant, then.

    Now, after three decades of Supreme's freak campaigns, someone finally decided to get to the bottom of the act. A new documentary, Who is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey, directed by Steve Onderick and funded through Kickstarter, held its first non-festival screening in Boston last week. We caught up with Onderick to talk about the film, and find out what it's like to spend a year on the road with one of the most enigmatic performance artists in American politics.

    CJ Ciaramella

  • The Berkeley Beacon - Supremely Vermin: Presidential hopeful comes to campus to screen doc of his life

    After Onderick and Supreme answered questions, the group talked via video chat with James McMillan, the founder of the Rent Is Too Damn High political party, and Supreme's 2012 presidential running mate. Like Supreme's boot hat, McMillan has a personal trademark: a beard in the shape of a scrotum. They both said in the documentary that they use these oddities to force the public to pay attention to them, despite their lack of major political backing.

    Cathleen Cusachs

  • Film Static - Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey (2014) - Review

    For those who have been disillusioned by the utter absurdism of bi-partisan politics, who have been downtrodden by the teetering tipping point of wealth distribution, and outraged by the continuance of infringements upon the first amendment, Vermin Supreme is a voice of true madness, and therefore a voice of complete reason among the haze of smiling red and blue gish gallop.

    And for those interested in such a wild political satire, and a vivid, rich, funny and moving presentation of it, seek out Who Is Vermin Supreme?, which will hopefully be available nation-wide very soon.

    Jarrod White

  • Dig Boston - Supreme Clientele

    If you've read this far, then you probably agree that the twin concepts of Republican and Democrat are sillier than decaf coffee. Staring down the barrel of a Clinton vs. Bush race to the bottom, maybe you decided to stop voting, or came to realize politics are rotten. If that is even close to your predicament, then I beg you to consume Who Is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey by first-time director Steve Onderick. It's enough motivation to move apathetic asses off the couch and into action, and perhaps to even spur some disenchanted voters toward the polls.

    Chris Faraone

  • Dig Boston - Blunt Truth: Which Mass Politicians are Good on Weed?

    Mass resident and perennial candidate for President of the United States Vermin Supreme is perhaps most famous for promising free ponies to all Americans, but I got him to throw in a free marijuana plant, which he's now suggesting will be part of his food provision program. Vermin supports legalization, of course, at least when he's not on national television campaigning for mandatory tooth-brushing. If you don't know who he is at this point, just wait until the next election or check out the upcoming documentary, Who is Vermin Supreme?.

    Mike Cann

  • The Concord Monitor - A campaign season without Vermin Supreme? Hardly.

    It might take some work to track down a copy, but a new documentary about perennial presidential candidate Vermin Supreme is complete.

    Sarah Palermo

  • Twin Cities Daily Planet - 2014 Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival features very long, but very good movies

    Filmmaker Steve Onderick's 'Who is Vermin Supreme? An Outsider Odyssey' (Wednesday, April 9 at 6:50 p.m.) will also finally make its world premiere. It sounds like a doozy of a documentary about outsider politician Vermin Supreme challenging Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. Even though we know who wins, this should be an entertaining cuckoo-bananas story.

    Jim Brunzell

  • 1985 - A Love Supreme

    If you said a decade ago that I would find a mentor who wears a boot on his head, I would have asked where the weed was. If you told me I would frequently run into that peculiarly hatted oddity in my travels as a wandering writer, I'd have asked you to surrender the acid.

    Chris Faraone

  • Ponderjaunt - Who Is Vermin Supreme?

    While Mitt is the campaign film that has been getting all of the press, a lesser-known candidate also received a documentary as a consolation prize for their efforts: Vermin Supreme.

    Hannah Thoreson

  • Americans Against The Tea Party - What Is A Vermin Supreme? The Answer Might Surprise You

    Every election season (and quite often in between) a strange bearded man with a big rubber boot on his head, will grab some headlines, either by glitter bombing a homophobic political candidate, marching within the ranks of the Occupy movement, bull-horning riot police with messages of peace at demonstrations, or promising free ponies to all Americans if elected. This man is Vermin Supreme.

    Nick Goroff

  • The Concord Monitor - Vermin Supreme documentary okayed

    Don't want to wait four more years until Vermin Supreme once again runs in the New Hampshire primary on a platform of mandatory oral hygiene and a pony for every American?

    Molly A.K. Connors

  • MPLS.TV - Who Is Vermin Supreme?

    Filmmaker Stephen Onderick first met alt-candidate/political troll Vermin Supreme while shooting footage for Indymedia at Chicago's NATO Summit protests. After assuming at first that Vermin was just an amusing sideshow, Onderick became fascinated by the man's satirical approach to campaigning...

    Colleen Powers

  • The Boston Globe: Vermin Supreme brings satire, silliness to politics

    Vermin Supreme - yes, it's his legal name - would like your vote for president. Yes, of the United States. Wearing his trademark rubber boot on his head, carrying an oversized toothbrush, and promising a pony for every American...

    James Sullivan

  • Know Your Meme: Vermin Supreme

    Vermin Supreme is an American performance artist and a political activist who has run for a number of offices as an independent candidate in the United States on local, state and national levels.

    Jacob Stewart

  • The Baltimore City Paper - A Cinema Supreme

    If the prospect of an authorized documentary of Vermin Supreme's antic work and history floats your boat, you may be in luck.

    Edward Ericson Jr.

  • The Concord Monitor - "Who Is Vermin Supreme?"

    VERMIN SUPREME is a "friendly fascist" who simply wants you to participate in the Pony Identification Program, harness the power of zombies and brush your teeth.

    And now, as he prepares to protest both the Democratic and Republican national conventions, he wants to be the subject of a full-length documentary film...

    Monitor Staff

  • The Village Voice - Vermin Supreme, Movie Star? Campaign Raises Cash for Documentary on 'Friendly Fascist'

    Minneapolis filmmaker Stephen Onderick has started a Kickstarter campaign to fund a feature-length doc on Vermin Supreme, the "tyrant you can trust," whose presidential platform includes free ponies for all Americans and zombie preparedness.

    Victoria Bekiempis

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